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The Pursuit

Dec 23, 2020

Join Sam Tooley and Joe Rinaldi as they go through another Jam Session. Sam and Joe highlight the importance of this year for them, how the pandemic affected the initial plans both had for 2020, and how they were able to stick to their goals even with everything going on in the world. Sam explains that what really worked for him when setting goals was trying to act accordingly with his aspirations.


“It makes a dramatic difference when you act in alignment with who you say you want to be.” – Sam Tooley


They also talk about their training, current projects and what to expect for the next year. Making plans and setting goals when everything seems so imprecise is a hard thing to do, but sometimes in life we must take action first in order to change our vision of reality later. And prevailing through tough times only makes us stronger. According to Joe, this is the mindset for 2021.


“Even though it’s counterintuitive, sometimes action comes before the change.” – Joe Rinaldi


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