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The Pursuit

Jan 6, 2021

Join hosts Sam Tooley and Joe Rinaldi as they have a chat with Cory Camp. Cory is a Personal Performance Coach who helps athletes of all ages deal with their physical (and mental) barriers. In this episode, Cory shares with us the beginning of his coaching business, about his transition from a “regular job” to entrepreneurship, and how he was able to progress with his company throughout 2020.


Additionally, Cory talks about his swimming career and a very delicate health issue that came to surface at a young age for him. Unexpectedly, we might find a few obstacles on our path and dealing with these obstacles in adulthood is hard enough, let alone being a teenager with goals not yet well defined and more dreams than we can count.


“The more fulfilled I feel, the more aligned [I become] with my own identity.” – Cory Camp


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