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The Pursuit

Jan 13, 2021

In this week’s episode of The Pursuit Podcast hosts Sam Tooley and Joe Rinaldi chat with Sirena Abalian. Sirena is a Mindset Mentor and Speaker whose philosophy of work is based on the concept of listening to your inner child in order to make progress in adult life. Here, Sirena talks about the importance of trusting and understanding your deep emotions and saying yes to your truth.


“I can just imagine a world where the greatest leaders that are sitting at the greatest tables, if they were operating from a place of ‘soul-centered inner-childness’ and not a place of ego and not a place of a different agenda, how different the world would look.” – Sirena Abalian


More than that, Sirena talks about her opinion on what it means to be a coach, a mentor and a teacher. She dives into her background with acting and the parallel between this activity and fitness as both require showing up consistently. Sirena also shares her own personal story with anxiety and mental health.


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