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The Pursuit

Jan 20, 2021

There comes a time in life when we need to evaluate everything that’s going on with us and everything that’s somehow missing. Having the wisdom to do so and taking the first step was exactly what Tony Reyes did back when he weighed 400lbs. In this week’s episode, Sam Tooley and Joe Rinaldi have a very honest conversation with Tony in which he addresses all of the barriers and obstacles that he faced in order to overcome his reality and make necessary lifelong changes.


“Your mind is either going to help keep you exactly where you are - safe, comfy - or it’s going to help push you into becoming who you want to become.” – Tony Reyes


Tony made the transition from obesity to running a marathon. In this episode you will hear how he was able to visualize this future for himself – even when he didn’t believe he could actually do it. Envisioning the best versions of ourselves is not always an easy task: it requires reflection, being honest with ourselves, being forgiving with ourselves, but most of all, understanding what our deep core values in life are.


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