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The Pursuit

Jan 27, 2021

Join your host Joe Rinaldi as he interviews Mike Jeffery on a very important topic today, mental health. Mike opens up about his story in terms of dealing with mental stability, anxiety, substance abuse, and compulsive behaviors. He explains that, struggling with these mental health issues at a very young age is very confusing. Mike then shares with us which strategies he took throughout his life in order to win this battle and just keep living life in the best way he could.


“Life and growing and achieving our best selves is such an individual process that what I really want to encourage people to do in my day to day is: find something that works for you.” – Mike Jeffery


As Mike explains in this episode there are five steps you can take that will help you comprehend and handle mental health in a more attainable way: awareness – listening to ourselves; strategy – learning what we can or cannot change; faith – believing in you; action – working towards getting better; and accountability – asking for help. Mike addresses each one of these today, in efforts to help you come to terms with yourself.


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